My Gestational Diabetes Diet

Feb 16 February 17, 2013

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My mother in law loves healthy eating as much as I do and I love exchanging ideas with her.  She’s been gluten free for quite a while now and that woman walks a lot.  She’s healthier and in better shape in her 60’s than I am.

One thing I realized when talking to her is that I need to shrink my stomach.  I have gotten so used to eating a lot of calories, that I think I’m starving if I try to cut back.  So, I think that my next step to weight loss needs to be calorie counting.

Bree- Remember that there are websites that have meal ideas for 200,300,400 calories.  It’s so helpful.


Coffee and Creamer


Pineapple Smoothie with coconut milk


Brixx half caesar salad

2 small pieces of GF chicken caprese pizza


Coffee and Creamer

GF cookie


Rotisserie Chicken

Spaghetti Squash Casserole

Mashed Sweet potatoes


2 GF cookies

100 calorie dark chocolate bar

100 calorie candy


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