My Gestational Diabetes Diet

Feb 15 February 16, 2013

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I haven’t written in two days, but I have stayed on task and remained gluten free, except for Valentine’s Day.  I had a tiny piece of cheesecake and it was not gluten free, but it was VALENTINE’S DAY!

I have decided that I need to shrink my stomach, cause I eat healthy, but I just eat too much.  I’m always hungry.  I think I’m gonna try a veggie diet or a liquids diet for a few days at some point to cut back on my need to massive amounts of food.


Coffee and Creamer



2 pieces of Paleo bread with molasses



5 pieces of sushi



2 carrot/zucchini muffins

Coffee and Creamer



GF pasta and parm chicken

Salad with apple cidar vinegar dressing



a bite of GF carrot cake

1 GF choc chip cookie

Carrot/zucchini muffin




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