My Gestational Diabetes Diet

Feb 8 February 8, 2013

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I woke up earlier than usual and on my own.  That’s odd.  Last night I tried putting yogurt on my face as a natural detox mask.  This morning my face was still zitty and red, but it felt smoother and more hydrated.  I’ve been taking my multivitamin everyday because I think vitamin deficiency from pregnancy is what has cause my rosacea and knee troubles.


Coffee and Creamer

Banana and Egg pancake



Healthy Banana Muffin



Spinach Thai salad

Mock 7 layer bar (I think it made me sick.  I’m done with those.)



Tortilla Chips and Salsa



Brazilian Chicken Strogonaff (chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms, corn, garlic)

Rice and Black Beans





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