My Gestational Diabetes Diet

Feb 5 February 5, 2013

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I was feeling really fat and disappointed about this diet.  I started researching dairy free diets, cause I felt like the gluten free world wasn’t changing anything for me.  However, today I saw that I had lost a couple of pounds in the past 5 days, so something is working.  I don’t understand why I still feel so swollen, but it may be more about my time of the month than what I’m eating.  Don’t you love that?


Coffee and Creamer

3 almond cookies from last night


Leftovers from last night

(bbq meatloaf, cheesy quinoa)


Coffee and Creamer

2 Almond cookies


Pork Chops

Shredded boiled zuccini

marinara, spinach and mushrooms



Berries and cool whip

vanilla chai soy milk

Excercise:  I walked with the kids.  about 1 mile.


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