My Gestational Diabetes Diet

I know I skipped yesterday July 12, 2012

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I had a bad day yesterday.  My 2 year old was whining all day.  I was having contractions like crazy.  My cravings were out of control.  I basically stayed on track, except I did have a chick fil a sandwich for dinner.  That was my cheat day.  But, I cried a lot yesterday and was feeling really discouraged.  I am having 20 or more contractions everyday and they are so tiring.  I just can’t do this for another 5 weeks, ya know?


  • bacon and mayo on one piece of bread
  • coffee creamer


  • date lara bar


  • sunchips


  • banana muffin


  • steak
  • baked sweet potato with butter, cinnamon, and honey
  • asparagus
  • banana muffin


  • veggie chili

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