My Gestational Diabetes Diet

Judging diabetics July 1, 2012

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I have to admit…I have judged other peoples’ eating habbits in the past.  My whole family seems to get type 2 diabetes and I blame it on their eating and lifestyles.  But, I’ve been realizing that developing a healthy lifestyle has been a long process for me.  I used to be skinny and would eat anything I wanted.  I eventually developed gall stones and had to change my Southern country cooking lifestyle and find healthier options.  I started enjoying international food, baked and grilled meals, and stopped deep frying everything.  I have been on lots of low calorie diets in my adulthood just to lose weight.  I didn’t care if I was healthy, as long as I lost pounds and inches.  Now that I’m having to watch my sugar intake, I find myself eating a lot of high fat, high calorie foods.  It’s so hard to be balanced in all things, isn’t it?  I’ve decided to stop judging others’ diets.  I’m doing the best I can do right now in my process towards health and I choose to have grace for your journey as well.


  • Blueberry scone (recipe from yesterday)


  • Pecans


  • 5 leprachan balls  (these are deep fried cheddar/cream cheese balls with jalepenos)
  • Grilled Haddock
  • Side Salad


  • Strawberry lemonade with xylitol (recipe on pinterest)
  • 4 bites of my son’s rice krispies cereal
  • dark chocolate chips


  • Asian Pork Loin
  • Spaghetti squash
  • Side salad
  • Blueberry Scone


  • Blueberry, coconut icecream (recipe on pinterest)

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